The Speed of Light 2015 (fragment)

In September 2011, in an underground laboratory in Italy, researchers could not quite believe what they were seeing. They recorded tiny particles (neutrinos) fired from another lab in Switzerland, seven hundred kilometres away, arriving sooner
than expected. Sooner even than a beam of light!

This finding rocked Einstein's foundations of modern physics, which are based on the assumption that nothing can travel faster than light. Would this moment mark the emergence of a grand
new theory? Scientists were confused; some were going crazy, while others remained
deeply sceptical. In the end, the sceptics were right: almost a year later, researchers blamed the
faulty results of the experimenton a loose fibre optic cableā€¦

Visual artist and filmmaker Mels van Zutphen, fascinated by science and technology, decided to create an artistic and slightly ironic visual statement on these scientific events. He followed
the path of the neutrinos from Geneva to Gran Sasso by car in twelve days; a neutrino only needs
a fraction of a second to travel the same distance.